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"I took the ring with me from London", Daley says of his trip to Black's home to propose."Lance was surprised, but then he went and got the ring he'd bought for me." Tom also make a sweet admission about the early days of the couple's relationship back in 2013, which began after he left a note in Lance's phone telling him to call him.

Tom and Dustin also recreated some of the photos they took on a trip to Paris when they first became a couple in 2013, which is super adorable.Since achieving worldwide fame in his Bronze-medal winning turn at the 2012 Summer Olympics and becoming a one-man vertical on Buzzfeed ovenight, there have been abundant rumors about 19-year-old British diver Tom Daley’s sexuality. Daley had been previously linked to a few women (including U. diver Kassidy Cook), but had for the most part refrained from speaking out about his romantic life. Black, a 39-year-old screenwriter who won an Oscar for his Milk screenplay about Harvey Milk, was returning to America from Russia as the news of Daley's coming-out spread.Daley did not name the man he was dating in his video, although the pair had been spotted together in Hollywood back in October, Queerty reported at the time.

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Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are a married couple.

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